Fashion brands come to a dime a dozen. Denim brands are too vast to name. Many of them cater to a unique type of customer, while other denim brands have built a cult following each generation after generation. Classic denim brands have paved the way in fashion and allowed other designers to showcase their vision to the world. Regardless of the age gap or demographic, there are certain denim brands that can’t help but to stand out. What are those brands, and who loves them? From the most basic to the wild and eclectic; each denim company will be no short of fabulous!


Who doesn’t know the slogan, “Live in Levi’s”? Levi Strauss & Co. have been around since 1853. Although it is an American based company, it was founded in germany. Levi’s is a fashion brand known for its many cuts offered to women, men, and children. They’ve managed to stand the test of time by sticking to their strict standards of quality and producing clothes that are made for continuous wear and tear. Levi’s focus on denim has inspired other brands to be genuine and stay true to their mission. People love them because they’ve become a “comfort brand” in fashion; old reliable.

Calvin Klein:

Another classical denim brand worth mentioning. The ‘CK’ brand seen on clothes and denim resonates with pop culture in many ways. Aside from having exceptional brand marketing incorporating the trendiest and sexiest celebs; Calvin Klein produces leather, lifestyle goods, and accessories. From its humble beginnings in 1968 as an american based company; they now have a legion of loyal followers and fashion icons here to inspire the masses.

A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création):

Jeans that have lasting quality and a perfect fit come with a reputation that is worthy of their higher price points. This French ready-to-wear brand is known all over the world for its flawless construction, and sturdy denim material. Men and women love this brand because it’s an investment in fashion. People want sustainable jeans that will last them forever. A.P.C is a denim brand that represents the highest standard of denim.


A brand that speaks to youth culture through fashion. Free People provides eclectic fashion to millennials. They’re an American brand that offers a hint of boho to all their denim. They hit on all the latest trends, as well as self-care and lifestyle products. It’s a brand that provides great style AND unique sensibility in fashion. Their following is the next generation of fashionistas who want youthful ethereal style. Their jeans are elegant and form flattering, which is why this brand is so popular with young women.

Other Favorites

Of course, other favorites in constant rotation are SLVRLAKE, Mother Denim, Paige, Gap, and Citizens of Humanity  These are just a few brands that are currently popular for many reasons. Overall they have the same factors in common. Quality in denim is a big factor to how well these brands  sell. Functionality in style is very important, especially in menswear. Design, is of course, what makes denim unique and iconic. Brands that offer the most versatility in all cuts with creative styling tend to get noticed overall and are embraced across all demographics in fashion.