Jeans are by far, the most popular clothing piece to date. What was once considered a work garment worn by builders and artists, have now become the must have, or already owned choice of apparel. There are a multitude of reasons why jeans are so popular. In order to really dive deep into denim, we first must explore it’s origins. After a bit of fashion history, we can better understand it’s modern evolution.  Then there’s it’s impact on fashion culture. Finally we will visit the present time in jeans history, and come to a conclusion of why jeans are so popular.

A Short History

Jeans were originally worn by artists and workers in the early 1940’s. It was never considered a suitable casual attire. Men wore trousers and women wore their traditional dresses. In the event women did wear pants, they were more often than not made of the traditional linen, khaki, or silk. Over time, the public started to accept denim as a versatile fabric, and found jeans to be the go to for casual style. As the public started wearing jeans in their everyday life, it slowly seeped into work culture. More companies began accepting denim; not just for “casual friday” but as acceptable attire.

The formality of denim is ever changing. Now too, denim can be found on the red carpet at extravagant events, and manipulated in various weights and dawning intricate details. New colors, shades, and treatments to denim are widely available. Designers can do anything imaginable with denim fabric, and jeans over all. They have mixed blends that give the wearer a nice stretch to fit their curves. Even the construction of jeans have changed. Traditional details, like pockets for example, are now optional.

Impact On Fashion

Jeans have had a serious impact on fashion. Fashion brands such as Rag & Bone, Everlane, and Jordache have become Iconic for their ad campaigns marketing to pop culture. Jeans are unisex and accomodate virtuall all lifestyles. It’s no wonder there are designer labels that specifically focus on denim. Streetwear brands like SUPREME usher in a new wave of fashion enthusiasts with impressive outerwear and fashion forward accessories, to coordinate with jeans. Streetwear type jeans tend to have heavier weights and longer wear. Details like selvedge seams are a tell tale sign of high quality jeans.

Jeans of today have far surpassed functionality. They are found in every closet and unique to all body types. It is evident why jeans are so popular. They can be worn for any occasion, and almost every fashion brand offers them. Jeans move with the times, and evolve as society does. Even now with sustainability on the forefront of fashion, there are jean brands developing with eco-friendly methods of production, and higher quality, which keep jeans out of landfills. Labor laws have also become eco driven, since production of denim is just as important as their design. There is no way the world will ever reach a plateau in denim fashion. Jeans are a staple that is here to stay!