Denim will always be a staple in fashion. It’s versatility is evident. On the streets, or the runway; denim fashion will surely be the main event. It’s in accessories, shoes, and even formal wear. This is the same case in 2020.

Reinvent Your Fashion

Denim clothing that boasts the most appeal are easy to style and customize. Trends that speak to the public utilize denim to express the energy of the times, and break a mold in fashion. Reinvention is the name of the game this year. Due to impactful issues that have shaken the world, clothing has become a brief break from reality. So, how have the fashion savvy people of the year 2020 decided to express their denim styles? There are limitless options to choose from.

Regardless of what 2020 brings, denim fashion brands and designers keep advancing regardless of any uncertainty.

The most evident trend is the face mask. It’s more of a necessity really, but has been revamped to look more stylish. These are uncertain times, but at least retailers can accommodate shoppers with options. Brands like Debbie Katz have simplistic straight forward designs for those who are fashionable, and sleek. Mother Denim is also, a well-known fashion brand that creates  patterned denim masks, with a bolder fashion statement. The floral prints are beautiful, and the highlighted embroidery style is also ultra-trendy. Buying more than one mask is recommended; one for casual looks, and one for formal occasions. Last but not least there’s AKIRA their masks are full of denim and bling. These ultra sparkly styles add much needed glam to any look. Masks are an unconventional yet important fashion accessory. They’re unisex and versatile in denim. Face masks can do more than protect, but also transform any personal style.

Vintage Is Not Going Away

The next denim trend is a given. It’s vintage of course. All styles can trace its origin to some form of vintage cut, but denim in 2020 is all about custom. Full legged denim jeans with cropped lengths will be trending for both summer and fall. The high waist styles reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s continue to dominate the market. Expressive fashion in the form of embroidered logos are currently THE statement piece for 2020. Straight legged styles are trending in mens and women’s fashion, as well as stressed denim styles. Another classic for denim that’s making it’s come back are the skinny jeans. Denim styles that can be reworked for trans-seasonal looks are going to be the most popular for now all the way into the year 2021.