As the summer of  2020 comes to a close, Fall denim fashion is ready and waiting to make its debut. The crisp air of fall weather is sure to inspire a slew of denim looks that are warm yet classic in style. Not only can you expect the colors to be stunning, but the fabric textures too. Knit styles incorporated with denim, and even leather pieces, are sure to be a hit for the season. Lightweight denim can be layered, while heavier weights can be transformed into outerwear. Let’s explore in more detail the fall trends of 2020.

Wide Legged and Flare Jeans:

Wide legged and flared are the most prominent trend for jeans in 2020. This style is considered vintage and inspired by the 1970’s. Wide legged flared jeans are a merger of the classic staples in denim, and work well with rustic outerwear. Ultra-feminie styles incorporate wide legged flared denim with silk blouses in soft fall colors or pastel shades. Texture is also key here; Leather patches, or even fur trim is upscale and fun.

80’s Vintage Jeans:

All too often, this era in fashion tends to creep back into the present in spurts. Fall denim for 2020 is putting high waisted denim on the forefront in fashion. Yes, styles that have creative stitching and intricate placed 80’s-esque details are crushing the runway. Peplum details on jeans, and bedazzled sparkling rhinestones scream 80’s in a fun yet modern way. The washes are also versatile; stone, acid, and bleached washed denim fabric will be sceen in outerwear and jeans for the upcoming fall.

Skinny & Loose:

Both of these trends are mentioned together because of the contrast. Ultra loose styles worn with blazers in light color tones are clean and professional. Skinny denim worn with thick plush sweaters and sexy thigh-high boots are absolutely blazin’! Again, these trends are spin-offs of the classics transformed for the upcoming Fall 2020.

Patchwork & Light:

Designers are playing with textures this upcoming season by mismatching tones and fabrics. Leather and denim will be seen frequently in fall with jeans and outerwear, such as jackets and shoes. Light is referring to color. White denim in Ivory, ash, cream, and eggshell will be in high demand too, and elevated with soft knits and detailing on the trim.

Stencil & Art:

This trend in denim puts an artistic element to plain jeans fashion. Stenciled images in the form of shapes, flames, and birds will be all over denim this fall.  Art in the form of appliques and even drawn on methods will be in high demand. Written italic or cursive writing will also be trending for a fun alternative to the more graphic graffiti styles in streetwear.

Cuffed Jeans:

Exaggerated cuffs on jeans and jackets are popping up all over the runway. Large cuffs seem to be more desirable than small tightly rolled styles. Large proportions in general will play a big part in fashion for fall. Boyfriend jeans for women with large silhouettes are effortlessly chic, and work well with chunky knit sweaters.

Fall fashion for 2020 is sure to be the new staple of seasonal trends.