For everybody, there’s a type…of jeans. Yes, to each his own when it comes to finding the right pair of jeans that meet all your fashion needs. There are so many options in cuts to choose from. Mens and womens jeans come in a wide range of styles, and serve to accent any feature, or enhance them. Since  there are endless possibilities, it’s best that we discuss the most common and lasting cuts that are worn to date. Some denim silhouettes have even stood the test of time, and are now iconic. There is so much to explore, but attention to detail is what makes each denim cut unique!


This cut is unisex and the most popular among men. It’s a classic style: it doesn’t widen at the thigh, and continues down to the ankle in the same width throughout. It’s not as intense as a tapered leg jean, and it doesn’t have any type of flare. This cut is sleek and looks best with minimal details and clothing pieces such as a button down shirt or blouse (which is also unisex). This type of jean cut is best suited for small or petite frames.


These cuts of jeans are usually popular with the ladies due to its fit. Curvy women tend to gravitate to this style that is usually composed of a stretchy fabric blend like spandex in cotton. It clings to the body emphasizing every curve, then tappers narrow to the ankle. On men, this fit is cool yet casual. Distressed details on skinny jeans are sexy and modern.


A cut that is similar to the straight cut, but differs in the pant leg. Womens slim leg has a wider fit at the top, then fits snug to the ankle. The mens slim is fuller in width all the way down, but straight lined. It’s a relaxed, cool and comfortable style that isn’t too tight. Slim cuts are for a more conservative aesthetic.


The flare leg cut for jeans is considered a subcategory of the bell bottom pants. They have a wider width at the ankle that is so wide it covers the shoe. For women, it balances out the natural curve of the body. For men, flare leg jeans are reminiscent of the cowboy inspired bootcut, but with more definition. Styles that are flare look best with a fitted top to balance out the silhouette.


More often refered to as the wide leg jeans. This style is just as it states; wide from the top to the bottom. The latest trends with this cut are cropped or high-waisted. For men, this tends to be full and slouchy. Wide leg jeans are more casual and look great with cropped tops, tanks, or t-shirts.

Fashion continues to evolve overtime. The styles that are mentioned have transformed into many more. Jean cuts are too vast to list completely, but understanding the staples will help with selecting the fit that’s just right for you!